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    Excellent food will be back again!

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    Everything is great! $40 boil is enough for 2-3 people and I got so full!!! it wasn't even a long wait , everything was just phenomenal!!

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    I had been here for the first time last week and can hands down say the best crab boil I've had! The crawfish were fresh the seasonings were superb, and the crab was nothing short of amazing. I would highly suggest trying one of the combos out. The owner was very very nice along with the staff. Definitely going back!

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    We went to the Wild Crab Boil after driving by and seeing it was finally open. I've been pretty excited to see this concept come to Spring Grove, the availability of rolled ice cream was a really nice bonus.

    Food: *****
    Staff: *****
    Atmosphere: *****

    Some things I loved: No tv's in the dining area! And, the layout creating distinction between the bar area and dining area

    The menu is pretty straight forward - we ordered Crab Boil A and added on some mussels. It was plenty of food for two of us. The food came to our table in a bag, along with gloves, bibs, and tools for the shells.

    The food smelled and looked amazing. I really enjoyed the experience of trying all the delicious stuff in the boil.

    We ended the night with rolled ice cream which was super good. It's worth it to look up the unique process they use to create the dessert, which is made fresh to order.

    TLDR: Highly recommended! food is super good, unique concept, management and staff seems to really care about the customer experience, Bonus: lots of gluten free options.

    I'm really REALLY hoping they do a nice soup option too, because I loved the flavors they created for the boil.

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    OMG!!!!! The food was excellent. We had the crawfish spicy the shrimp with the garlic and the king crab with all 3 flavors. Outstanding flavor and cooked to perfection.

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    Great food great service. Real deal seafood!

  • *****

    Just fabulous! Driving by saw the sign and thought let's give it a try! So glad we did! Can't wait to go back!

  • *****

    I am happy to be giving the Wild Crab Boil in Spring Grove the first review.

    One word. Amazing!!!

    We have been waiting for this restaurant to open it seemed like forever when they first put the sign up.

    We had the Wild Crab Boil Combo B.
    This combo comes with;
    1lb Shrimp
    1lb King Crab Legs
    1lb Snow Crab Legs
    1lb Crawfish
    Corn On The Cob
    Cajun Sausage
    Boiled Potatoes
    We flavored it with Garlic Butter and Crazy Cajun seasoning.
    This is all served in a huge bag mixed together with the seasonings to combine the flavors. Oh, you can also add heat to spice it to your liking.
    We chose Spicy. It is second on the list but it adds just enough to give it a little kick but not over done. They give you bibs and plastic gloves to eat with.
    Just tear open the bag and dig in.
    I have eaten at Cajun Seafood Restaurants in the south and Wild Crab Boil can stand alongside these establishments. It's as authentic as it comes.
    This is something new for this area, and it was kind of funny to watch people watch each other to see how to eat this incredible meal.
    I could see out of the corner of my eye people watching us eat. They just couldn't believe we were eating with our hands out of the bag. But hey, that's a crab boil. Dig in or go hungry.
    There was a couple they sat at the table next to us. While we were eating I could see them whispering to each other and they got up and left.
    If they didn't like the way we were eating, too bad for them. They missed a great meal.
    Anyway, if you like Cajun food you must try Wild Crab Boil in Spring Grove. It's Amazing!!!!

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